A chance to try five of our most popular apple with a hint of fruit flavours. 

Five bags of 20g

Contains One All Apple, then selection of Four from 'hint of' Gooseberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, or Raspberry. Please make a note on your order if you have a preference.

90% Apple 10% Other fruit

A 20g serving is made from aprx 120g fruit

Made with organic apples, no added sugar or preservatives just natural goodness and fibre

Made with seasonal varieties so flavour will differ

Nutritional Information as per individual flavour


Apple Shreds - Apple with a hint of fruit 5 x 20g packs

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    This project was supported with a LEADER grant from the South and East Cornwall Local Action Group (LAG) which is part of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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